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Minus writing about what I’ve been up to (or wearing, or buying..) I don’t really put a lot about myself on my blog despite the fact I love reading more about the people behind my favourite blogs. So when I saw Lady Writes do an “A To Z of Me” post I thought I’d nab the idea myself;

Acrylics. Despite having a very painful incident where one ripped off last year, I still can’t be without a set of acrylic nails. I really feel so much prettier with well manicured fingers.

Brunch. The best meal of the day in my opinion, myself and Leah from Devoted To Pink decided that we even need to form a brunch club to go more often. I’ve written a few reviews if you want to check out our previous adventures.

Camera. My Samsung NX3000 is my baby. I try and carry mine everywhere and I’m forever snapping photos. After having it over a year I’m almost getting my head around the manual settings and I love experimenting with it.

Diet Coke. Something I drink far too much of. Seriously, the collection of cans in my desk draw is getting a little out of hand and one of my colleagues tuts when I come back from lunch with more. Unpopular opinion, but I think it tastes so much better than normal Coke too!

Energy Drinks. Or more so the smell of them makes me feel a little bit ill. I’m not sure if this is because they smell so sickly sweet or because I had one too many JagerBombs as a student..

Fitbit. After buying one last year I have become a little obsessed with hitting 10,000 steps and while I’ve not seen a massive weight loss I feel so much fitter than I did before. Because I love it so much, I treated myself to an upgrade a few weeks back and to say I’m impressed is an understatement.

Glasgow. Despite having no trace of a Glaswegian accent at all (or so I’ve been told) I still love the Scottish sense of humour and when I’m at home the air is thick with it thanks to my dad.

Heart Eye Emoji. One of, if not, the most used emoji in my phone. I’m not one hundred percent what this says about me though. Maybe that I get far too over excited sometimes?!
Life Lately || The A - Z of Me
Instagram. I’m slightly obsessed with this photos sharing app, even though I don’t post as much as I’d like to. Shameless plug but I’m at @FrannyMac_ if you wanted to follow me.. Hint hint.

Jeans. Despite having more LBD’s than one girl could ever need, I find myself wearing skinny jeans more days than not due to our offices relaxed dress code. They’re just so comfy and easy to dress up or down, perfect.

Kitchen. As the growing amount of recipe posts might give away, I’m enjoying spending time cooking and trying new recipes far more than I ever have before.

Lipsticks. I feel a little bit naked leaving the house without wearing lipstick and even though I have a massive collection, there’s always room for one more.. I just can’t resist a trip to the MAC counter!

Mean Girls. My favourite and single most quotable film ever. I can not count how many times I’ve watched it. “Four for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco!”

Nine. My lucky number, probably just because my birthday falls on the 9th but hey that’s as good of a reason as any right?!

Online. Where I spend too much time. Although the amount of time I spend on Twitter probably gave that away, I guess there’s worse things I could be doing huh?

Prosecco. My favourite tipple, well okay I prefer champagne (who doesn’t?!), but this is a close second and far more acceptable to open a bottle “just because”.

Queen Bee. The first Pandora charm I bought myself and still one of my all time favourites. It’s a cute little silver bee with a gold crown and it’s just plain adorable.
Life Lately || The A - Z of Me
Reality TV. Yeah, I’m one of those people who gets far too into Big Brother, Love Island and I’m A Celebrity.. I recently cancelled Netflix to join Hayu and my most watched shows already include Real Housewives Of Miami and Ru Paul’s Drag Race oops.

Sheffield. Not my home town, but may as well be. It’s where I went to uni, some of my best friends live and a place I love to return to visit.

Twitter. My favourite social network, I love that my feed is always full of fabulous things to read, funny stories and live reactions. I can’t be the only one who loves scrolling through the Twitter after a gripping episode of my favourite show, surely..

Unicorn. My favourite mythical animal & the best team from the last Bloggers Invade Centre Parcs.. (Just don’t tell Team Combat that!)

Village. Despite now living in the big smoke, I grew up in a small village “up North” and although I love London I do sometimes miss the sheer amount of green that I used to have around.

Water. I try and drink between two and three litres of water a day (even if I have to use these tips) in hope of keeping my skin looking in good shape.

Xtra-Hot Peri-Peri Sauce. My go to dressing at Nandos. What can I say, my normal order of a beanie wrap extra hot with peri-chips and peri-mayonnaise really hits the spot.

Yes. I’m currently trying to put myself out there and say “yes” to more things, be that events or visiting new places. So far it’s meant that I’ve been more active, met new friends and tried lots of new places. Result!

Zero. The amount of things I could think up for the letter Z, I’m not sure if this counts as cheating or not..

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  1. July 16, 2016 / 5:35 pm

    Love this post Fran! Such a great idea to get to know you, but how did I know Mean Girls, Prosecco and brunch would be included! 😉 xxx

  2. Sophie Athawes
    July 18, 2016 / 3:18 pm

    I love this blog idea! I love learning little facts like this about my favourite bloggers – great personal touch. Can I just say that the squirrel picture is amazing?! I’m obsessed with squirrels xx

    Sophie Elizabeth