“It’s The Little Things In Life” – 20 – October || Life Lately

“It’s The Little Things In Life” – 20 – October || Life Lately

“I enjoy the small things.” – Michael Buble

Okay, wow, so it’s now been twenty months that I’ve been writing these It’s The Little Things posts for? I had a bit of a hectic November so I actually really enjoyed spending an hour or so going through these and my “Hi! Moment” app and trying to focus less on the things stressing me out and more on being thankful for the little, and not so little things. So, before I go on a ramble about the last few months (which is a story for another post, to be honest!), here are 25 things that made me smile in October;

“It’s The Little Things In Life”

  • Mean Girls Day! (October 3rd…)
  • Viewing the house we eventually signed for!
  • My Beautylish order included, including some of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics lip liners.
  • Talking of Jeffree Star, I also went to the Beauty Bay Can’t Relate Tour.
  • Aside from getting some new goodies and seeing tutorials, I also made a few new friends!
  • Homemade salmon lasagne.
  • Catching up with the Great British Bake Off before work to avoid spoilers!
  • Finding a Costa voucher in my bag.
  • & using it to buy a huge cold brew coffee the day before payday.
  • Watching Popluxe reviews on Youtube, so funny!
  • Getting a free mango Diet Coke at the station.
  • Having a day more than I thought on my travel card… Result!
  • Downloading Stardew Valley.
  • Drinks and pizza with Leah, we always have a blast.
  • Watching The Apprentice. Still one of my favourite shows ever…
  • Oh, and on the subjects of favourites, you know how I mentioned in my Wicked review how much I love Book Of Mormon. I got to see it again in October!
  • And, even better it was with my best friend Becky and her partner. Always fabulous to see them.
  • Wagamama’s. Enough said.
  • Planning stuff for Halloween at work, including decorations and games.
  • After a few days of no makeup, I finally put on winged liner.
  • Taste testing Pleese Cakes cheesecakes. Oh my word, so yummy.
  • On the subject of cake, my mum also made me a gorgeous banana cake…
  • Making croissants as a treat breakfast at work, cheese and Sriracha is the one!
  • Going on a really cool Photowalk in Shoreditch with Three.
  • Buying metal straws to use at work, single-use plastics aren’t good folks… "It's The Little Things In Life" - 20 - October || Life Lately

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