4 Fabulous Methods to Get Your Glow Back* || Life Lately

4 Fabulous Methods to Get Your Glow Back* || Beauty

Ah, January. After a December full of indulgence, it’s easy to feel like you’re not at your best. I don’t know about you but currently, my skin looks dull, my eyes look tired and my body feels like a blob of jelly. I have well and truly felt like I’ve lost my glow. But, after a chat with a few friends I’ve found that I’m not alone and I shouldn’t feel so defeated. So, if you’re feeling down about your skin (I know I am, so I’m implementing these tips for glowing skin!) or wanting to fix an imperfection you’re conscious about, here are four ways I’m trying to find my glow again. And, if you’re feeling the same hopefully will help you too!

4 Fabulous Methods to Get Your Glow Back* || Beauty

Conscious About A Flaw? Fix It!

When it comes to ongoing insecurities, I’ve got a few of them. And, well, in 2019 I want to look at finally getting a main one of mine fixed. Most people don’t notice it unless I point it out but I have a milk tooth still in the front of my mouth with the proper tooth having grown in at an angle behind it. And honestly, it annoys me every time my tongue goes over it. The main problem is, dentists, don’t like to pull out healthy teeth so I’m currently in a deadlock with my dentist. I want to pull out the back tooth and potentially get an implant. They want me to get braces. I didn’t want braces, until I found that there are options in terms of Invisalign braces which are, according to  folddentistry.co.uk and Vallance Dental Centre, almost invisible to the people around you. Which, sounds like it could be the solution that both my dentist and I could agree on!

Adapt Your Skincare Regime To The Time Of Year

When you lose your dewy glow from your skin, it might be time to start thinking about adapting your skincare regime. If you have been using the same cleanser and toner for quite a few months your skin might have got used to it. Seek advice from a dermatologist and find a new regime that is going to give you the gorgeous glow you deserve. For example, mine is always in need of a little more moisture in the winter.

4 Fabulous Methods to Get Your Glow Back* || Beauty

Make Changes To Your Diet

I know, I know it’s January and you’ve probably heard the word diet one too many times. But, I’m not going on about shakes or calorie counting or anything like that, so don’t worry! Instead, after a month or so of rich food over the festive period, try adding in a little more fresh veggies and fruits. After all, not only will they make you feel a little fresher, they also have lots of lovely vitamins that improve your hair, nails and skin too!

& Finally, Make Time For Your Mental Health

One thing I really enjoyed about 2018 was that people seemed to be more open to talking about just how important mental health is. And, much like the old saying of “a problem shared is a problem halved” talking about your ongoing emotions and feelings is the first way in which you can nip problems in the bud. Whether you’re confiding in a close friend or family member for support, you should never feel alone. You might actually feel a huge weight off your shoulders as soon as you start talking honestly and openly about your mental health. I know I always feel better after spilling my worries to my best friend. (& her telling me that they are valid but I will get past them. Or explaining why I shouldn’t be worried at all!) Speak up and you will have the spring back in your step before you know it.

You should never feel ashamed to admit that you have lost your mojo a little. When it comes to taking care of your mind and body it can be quite a rollercoaster sometimes. All you need to know is that you’re not alone in your struggles. Many people will be going through exactly the same situations as you, so why not talk about it? Express your anxieties and start focusing on the positive aspects of your life. Overcoming your slump and getting your glow back will be much easier than you think. And, if you need it, my DM’s are always open…

4 Fabulous Methods to Get Your Glow Back* || Beauty

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