The Secret to Getting Glowing Skin* || Beauty

The Secret to Getting Glowing Skin* || Beauty

I don’t know about you, but my skin really doesn’t like it being winter time. It gets dry due to the cold weather and it results in it looking dull and tired? Which, isn’t exactly ideal if you ask me. So, it’s around this time I normally end up switching up my skin care routine in hope of getting it in the best condition I can. There are loads of mistakes that I used to make in the winter (and let’s be honest, still sometimes do if I’ve gotten lazy…) and these could be causing your skin to look less healthy than normal. So, if you’re looking to revive your tired skin this coming year, I’ve put some of the tips I’m trying out down below!

The Secret to Getting Glowing Skin* || Beauty

Try Adding In Toner

For many of us, a typical daily skincare routine consists of cleansing and moisturising. However, did you know that toner can play a huge role in how good your skin looks and feels? After all, toner helps to balance out the skin, refining the pores and eliminating toxins to leave it looking fresh and healthy. There are loads of different toners out there so it’s worth opting for skincare products that you know you’ll get along with. You don’t want to end up using anything that could be too harsh on your skin. Personally, I love brands such as Neal’s Yard, Lush and La Roche-Posay because I know they work for my skin.

Drink Plenty Of Water

If you’ve met me, you’ll probably know I make a point of drinking at least two litres of water every single day. I even bought one of those snazzy bottles that tell you how much you need to drink. And, the reason I’m so obsessed with drinking so much water? Well, when I was growing up I had awful acne. And, well, it helped. A lot. (Not as much as Accutane, but I did see a difference when I drank enough water!) Most of us don’t drink enough water, yet it’s well-known for its hydration, skin-plumping benefits. Cutting out sugary drinks and limiting your caffeine and alcohol consumption will also help your skin to look a lot fresher.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like the taste of water or struggles to drink more, my best tip is to add a slice or two of lemon. Or have it in fruit teas. That, or just simply add one extra glass a day at some point in your routine. You’ll soon start to get used to grabbing a glass of water, naturally increasing the amount you drink.

Always remove your makeup before bed

Admittedly, as a student, this was something I often forgot to do. And, well, my skin always suffered the next day or so after forgetting. (I mean, it was a combination of that and one too many cheap, sugary rose wines, urrk! Why did I ever drink that stuff?!). But seriously, if you don’t remove your makeup properly before bed it’s time to start. And yes, while a cheeky washing it off with a makeup wipe is okay in a hurry it’s not something you should make a regular habit of. It may seem harmless enough but leaving makeup on the skin overnight and then topping it up in the morning, can cause real issues for your pores. After all, you’re not giving them a chance to breathe! Regularly doing this could result in dry, dull, tired looking skin. and in severe cases, it can even cause problems such as infections; particularly in the eye area. So, always remove your makeup before bed.

Don’t skip the exercise!

I write this as I look into finally joining a new gym, but did you know regular exercise isn’t just great for your health and mental well being, but it’s great for your skin too? It helps to boost circulation, while also aiding in cleansing the body and removing toxins. The next time you work out, take a look in the mirror and you’ll see just how glowing your skin looks. Even just a power walk around the block can do wonders for your skin.

As you can see, there are lots of simple ways you can get healthy, glowing skin. By taking the time to look after your skin, you’ll soon be rewarded with a fresher, healthier and brighter complexion. Most of the tips above don’t cost anything either. So, why not make your new year’s resolution one to take care of your skin? Follow the tips above and you’ll soon start to see what a difference it makes.

The Secret to Getting Glowing Skin* || Beauty

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