“It’s The Little Things In Life” – 17 – July || Life Lately

"It's The Little Things In Life" - 17 - July || Life Lately

“I think it’s important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy.” – Paula Cole

It wouldn’t be an “It’s The Little Things” post if it wasn’t approximately two weeks late, would it?! Okay, that’s probably a little harsh, if I was on my A-game, they’re normally on time…

Anyway, excuses aside, July was a busy month and full of loads of happy memories. (And some big stresses, but let’s try and ignore and move past those eh?) So, as usual, I thought I’d use this post to share some of the little, and not so little, moments in July that put a smile on my face. I hope you guys enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them!

“It’s The Little Things In Life”

  • After the failed cross trainer purchase, I finally joined the gym.
  • & then proceeded to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. Which I was super proud of.
  • Going to pride and having an absolute blast.
  • Re-discovering how much I love the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer palette. Stunning.
  • Learning lots of new skills with “LinkedIn Learning”.
  • Relaxing with a cup of green tea before leaving for work.
  • Seeing “Blame It On Bianca Del Rio” at the Hammersmith Apollo.
  • Super Instagramable cakes with Sophie.
  • Treating myself to some Bluetooth headphones.
  • The veggie ready meals from Marks & Spencers.
  • Realising people care more than I ever thought.
  • Pizza brunch with Stu & George!
  • Seeing Oceans 8 with Sophie, plus all the nachos…
  • Visiting Eel Pie Island, post on that next week!
  • Discovering a store near me sells almost all the flavours of Halo Top.
  • Including Birthday Cake which is my new favourite.
  • Leah’s post on “Why It’s Not Always You“. Which was basically exactly what I needed to read.
  • Finding a new part of Victoria that’s really cute. (Eccelston Place).
  • Pizza, conspiracy theories and asparagus with Stu & George. In front of their fan in the heat.
  • Buying a new foundation brush from Urban Decay.
  • Drinks at Pitcher & Piano in the sunshine.
  • Brighton with Leah, which probably is going to end up being a blog post tbh.
  • Even if we were both attacked by seagulls.
  • But we did have dinner at The Ivy.
  • & A dance off and far too many cocktails…

"It's The Little Things In Life" - 17 - July || Life Lately

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