“It’s The Little Things In Life” – 21 – November || Life Lately

"It's The Little Things In Life" - 21 - November || Life Lately

“You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.” – Alvin Toffler

My first It’s The Little Things of 2019 and I’m still playing catch up. Let’s call getting these up to date a new years resolution, shall we? Or at least something to add to my 2019 bucket list I guess! November was a busy month when I finally moved house. Which meant I realised how much my room probably needed to be featured on an episode of Hoarders. And I basically lived at Ikea. And I finally rented a van from work so I don’t have to pretend I know where the fuel card is… (I am good at my job, promise! I just don’t drive!) So before I get too sidetracked, let’s crack on and chat about some of the little things I loved about November;

“It’s The Little Things In Life”

  • Getting the keys to the new place.
  • & Doing the majority of the move in one day with my mum. Girl Power!
  • Oh, and getting the internet and TV to work. The Essentials.
  • Getting Retweeted by The Apprentice’s twitter account. Life Goals.
  • Black Forest Hot Chocolate from Costa.
  • Picking out a new faux fur for Christmas.
  • Green tea with a slice of lemon. Even better if it’s while I’m sat in bed.
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 4 being announced. Go team Manilla!
  • The work Christmas party. & Pleesecake cheesecake.
  • Long soaks in the bath.
  • Market Halls opening by the station.
  • & Going for drinks there with the one and only Leah!
  • Percy Pigs. They’re just so good!
  • Finding a new local pub. Had to be done right?!
  • Finding my old school yearbooks. A special mix of nostalgia and cringe…
  • Mince Pie Cookies from Sainsburies. Oh em gee, so so good!
  • Winning £25 on a scratch card the day before payday.
  • Catching up on Ryland’s YouTube channel, his humour is great!
  • Sorting out my wardrobe and getting rid of a good chunk of stuff I don’t wear.
  • Drinks at Jones Family Kitchen for Vrinda’s birthday.
  • & a cheeky pizza at Franco Manca after!
  • A very much needed back massage at work.
  • Replacing my old favourite Lita style boots. (& they were only £16, bargain!)
  • Discovering Macdonalds veggie burgers. Although not sure my waistline will agree this is a good thing…
  • Finally starting to feel like the new place is home…

"It's The Little Things In Life" - 21 - November || Life Lately

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