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Dr. PawPaw Peachy Pink Balm Review
For someone with a large lipstick collection, it’s with great shame to admit I often skip out on lip balms and instead opt for just using more satin finishes. However, between the winter weather and my love of matte lipsticks, I was left with the worst chapped and cracked lips I’ve had in quite some time. I know I need to look after them more, but this was the real push to finally put it into my routine. I tried a few different balms I had around the house and although they made it a little better, I found pots leaving me with it under my nails and sticks getting the dreaded lost lid when thrown in my handbag to use day by day.

So after reading so many bloggers rave about it as a “holy grail” product for moisture, I thought it would be the ideal time to try out Dr. PawPaw’s Peachy Pink Balm. PawPaw is also known as Papaya and apparently when fermented is known for its natural healing properties. Aside from containing naturally moisturising and skin repairing ingredients it also made in the UK. Although this peachy pink tinted version is designed for use on lips and cheeks, the original Dr PawPaw balm can also be used for sun burn (okay it might be a little early in the year for that..), skin irritations and as a moisturiser. Normally I’m not a believer in all in one products as they tend to be a bit “Jack of all trades, master of none” however with within 2 days of using Dr PawPaw my lips were visibly less cracked and after a week they were back to tip top health.

At £6.95 for a tube of balm it seems a little pricey,  however, you do really only need a tiny bit meaning the 25ml size is pretty generous. Dr. PawPaw is available from Look Fantastic and Dr PawPaw‘s own website.

Have you tried Dr PawPaw before? If not, what are your favourite winter lip treatments? 

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