60 Blogging Cliches We’re All A Little Guilty Of || Blogging

60 Blogging Cliches We’re All A Little Guilty Of || Blogging

A few weeks back I saw a Twitter chat all about blogging clichés and I found myself laughing in agreement of just how many I am guilty of. Expanding on this, I thought I’d make a list of things bloggers are known for doing. I originally intended this to be fairly short, but ended up with sixty points. Opps. This is meant to be a bit tongue in cheek, so no offence intended!

60 Blogging Cliches We’re All A Little Guilty Of;

  • You own the IKEA Alex draws.
  • & / Or the Skurar tealight holder.
  • Which you use to store your makeup brushes..
  • Or you use old candle jars.
  • Bonus point – they’re from Jo Malone.
  • Talking of storing your stash, you own at least one lot of acrylic storage.
  • Or a white basket that you fill with lipsticks.
  • Your desk is also home to a iMac / Macbook pro.
  • & a cinema style light box that currently is displaying your blog name.
  • Or even a framed inspirational quote.
  • You’ve got a mason jar that you really only bought for smoothie photos and because it looks great with a cocktail in.
  • Or a set of super cute vintage style milk bottles.
  • They look great next to your smoothie bowl.
  • Or your avocado on toast.
  • Perfecting your food flatlays makes you way more happy than it should..

  • You’ve always got fresh flowers in your room.
  • Bonus point – they’re peonies..
  • You’ve bought things purely as photo props before.
  • Mostly because they’ d look great on a flatlay.
  • Which you’re always trying to perfect.
  • With things like cute fairy lights.
  • Or a few succulents.
  • Or even a marble tray.
  • If not a tray, you’ve got a whole marble surface you use for photos
  • Bonus point – you made yourself using sticky back plastic.
  • If marbles not your thing, you have a white well lit space you use for photos.
  • Or you have a “blogging corner” or box where you store your props.
  • The thought of going to a city with Sephora excites you.
  • & you’ll always Instagram / Snapchat your haul.
  • Because if you write about it you’ve totally justified the money you spent..

How Much Of A Cliché Blogger Are You

& Of course..

  • You’re like a magpie for anything rose gold.
  • & you can spot a MAC counter a mile off.
  • If you’re beauty blogger you’ve reviewed at least one of their lipsticks.
  • & own at least one Urban Decay Naked palette.
  • You have a strong opinion of Instagram themes.
  • & you’ve become shameless with hashtags. #Instagood!
  • Spending ten minutes editing a photo is totally normal for you.
  • “No wait don’t eat / drink that I haven’t took a photo!”
  • You’ve ordered the most pretty sounding drink off the menu.
  • Even if you’re not sure you’ll like it.
  • Stranger danger? Nah, you’ve met loads of friends online.
  • But explaining that first meet up to anyone is super awkward.
  • You’re in the habit of referring to people by their URL.
  • You’ve used your blog to justify buying something before.
  • & waited until you’ve took photos to use a new product.

  • You know (& care a little too much about) DA, SEO and PA.
  • You get over excited over milestones.
  • But worry saying it makes you sound braggy.
  • “You have new — followers” emails make you happy.
  • As does hearing from a brand you love.
  • Like when they re-gram your photo.
  • Or re-tweet you.
  • You know the awkward “can you take my photo” feeling too well.
  • Especially when you’re trying to do an outfit shot.
  • & you wonder how some people make it look so effortless.
  • Or manage to find a deserted yet gorgeous street to take them.
  • You own or have considered buying the Olympus Pen.
  • Sharing your day on Twitter is totally normal for you.
  • Or on Snapchat
  • But you wouldn’t dream of posting that many Facebook status’ or photos..

& finally, you found yourself going “that’s so me” to more of these than you’d like to admit..

Do any of these Blogging Cliches apply to you?

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