Lush Flowering Tea Bubble Bar Review || First Impressions

First Impressions || Lush Flowering Tea Bubble BarI have a confession to make, a confession that probably looses me a lot of blogger points, before Monday night I’d never tried a Lush Bubble Bar before. While I enjoy baths, I don’t have time to have as many as I’d like and normally find myself grabbing a quick shower instead. With Lush marketing that each bubble bar is reusable for two or more baths, I normally pick up a single use bath bomb to use that evening instead. However, when I was chatting to one of the lovely ladies in my local store explaining this she told me that although Lush’s bubble bars can be used multiple times if you want to you can use it all at once for a really bubbly bubble bath. Feeling this was a bit of a light bulb moment and being spoiled for choice at all the options I decided on Flowering Tea; a floral scented bar shaped like a tea bag.

First Impressions || Lush Flowering Tea Bubble BarAs my normal bath time drink unless it’s late enough for a glass of wine and candles is a good cuppa tea (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!) this seemed like a natural first choice for me.
First Impressions || Lush Flowering Tea Bubble BarLet me just say though, before I go any further on reviewing this I messed up a little on the way I used this. You know how I said I usually pick up a bath bomb? Well, I like when I use a bath bomb, I started to run myself a plain bath ready to pop the bar in and then I read the label advising putting it under the running water so only did that half way through oops. So I had to compromise a bit and stir it around the bath to get it working. However when I did, boy did it create some bubbles!
First Impressions || Lush Flowering Tea Bubble BarFlowering Tea is made with orange blossom combined with neroli and rosewood oils which gives it a subtle almost grassy floral scent, if I’m honest it reminds me of a high end spa product although I can’t quite put my finger on which. Inside the bar there is a parcel of blue cornflowers which float on the surface, although they are gorgeous and add a fun element to the tea bag concept, I feel they are a little wasted as most are covered by the bubbles. If I had to come up with a negative about my first Lush Bubble Bar? Flowering Tea turned the water milky (much like using traditional bubble bath) rather something a little more floral to match the tea theme. Word to the wise for any other Bubble Bar newbies out there, because these are designed for multiple uses if like me you plan on using it in one you may be left with some lumps at the bottom of the tub. All in all though, I can definitely see myself picking up another, maybe the infamous Bunch Of Carrots, I mean it is Easter after all..

Have you tried Flowering Tea before? If not, what’s your favourite Lush Bubble Bar?

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  1. March 27, 2016 / 5:22 am

    Hello! I'm the same as you, I prefer to take showers over baths but I love so many of Lush's products-the Gorilla perfumes in particular as well as the solid shampoos!

    XO Amie

    Credit Crunch Chic