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10 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Blogger
After seeing the lovely Lady Writes share a link to Cosmopolitan’s “15 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Girl Who Blogs” and the general consensus being that it wasn’t really accurate at all and fed off some really negative stereotypes (minus the phone battery thing, that’s true..) I decided to put a list together of things you really should know before dating a girl who blogs;

  1. It usually takes a lot for us to show you our blog, so take it as a compliment that we’re letting you into our blogging bubble.
  2. We take a lot of photos and I do mean A LOT. We want to get the perfect shot for a post or maybe just Instagram and there might be the odd time we let our dinner go cold because of it. You will eventually get used to this, honest.
  3. Talking of photos, when we’re comfortable enough to ask you, you’ll probably become our photographer at some point. Those outfit posts aren’t going to take themselves..
  4. There’s going to be at least a few friends that we refer to by their blog name. It’s not an insulting as it may seem, it’s just a lot easier than “you know the one who blogs, no not that one the other one”
  5. We’re all a little guilty of over sharing. You will have had at least a handful of tweets about you, so errm, sorry about that.
  6. Don’t think that just because our blogs are as full as glamour as we can make them that we’re all high maintenance. We most likely wrote about that cocktail bar while chilling in our pjs – sorry to spoil the illusion.
  7. That old stereotype about bloggers and freebies isn’t true and we’ll be rather insulted if you assume it about us or worse, ask us to bag you something that’s not how it works..
  8. While we’re on to blogging friends, don’t be shocked if we met someone on Twitter. It’s not like meeting someone from a chatroom and we’ll be a little insulted if you compare it to.
  9. We are a little addicted to our phones, so don’t be surprised if we have a spare charger in our handbag.
  10. We’ll never be short of date ideas or restaurant recommendations, after all, we know someone who blogged about this great sushi place last week..

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