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Although I’m not exactly a photography expert, I do enjoy taking photos and learning how I might improve. This applies to both my actual camera and my phone. Looking back at Instagram photos from a year or so back thanks Timehop.. I almost cringe, then feel kind proud at how much better my photos have gotten. So here are some tips that I use to improve the quality of photos taken on my phone;

  1. Hold your iPhone like you would a camera. I mean, this sounds a little silly but think about it, you wouldn’t have your finger over the lens on an actual camera. That, and you wouldn’t shoot a photo one handed. For stability reasons it’s always better to hold it with both if you can,  especially in landscape, it’ll mean less blurry photos.
  2. Know your apps. To be honest, photo editing apps take up more space on my phone than I’d like to admit. As I mentioned on my essential apps post, Afterlight, VSCO Cam and Priime are great for getting editing images on the go as you can adjust everything from the brightness, to shadows and highlights. Not only this, you can add various different filters if you fancy adding it to Instagram.
  3. Experiment with angles. With an actual camera in hand, standing on something or crouching down to get a good photo seems somewhat more normal. However, just because you don’t have with you an actual camera, don’t be afraid to miss out an a good photo. Odds are on, no one will look twice at you for doing so.
  4. Flash isn’t always your friend.  I can’t believe how long it took me to release that it was using flash that caused my photos to look like they were in a white haze or make my selfies look like they featured a ghost. I’ve got into the habit of taking photos both with and without flash just in case, as you can always adjust brightness in an app as mentioned above.
  5. Get snap happy. Whenever I take a photo on my iPhone it’s never just one. The standard procedure is that I take it about 10 times and then look through them and delete any that are blurry and pick my favourite to edit and filter. There’s always one of two with better composition than the rest.
  6. Crop, don’t zoom. This sounds like a silly statement, it’s using the same camera, surely it’ll be the same quality if you crop it to if you zoom in while taking.. WRONG. For some bizarre reason, zooming while taking leaves everything in a pixely mess. It takes two seconds to crop a photo, and most apps including the iPhones own editor has the ability to do it.

What are your favourite tips for taking better photos with your phone?

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