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10 Last Minute Ways To Feel More Festive

Normally by the 22nd of December I am living on a diet of mince pies, Quality Street and mulled wine while I count down how many sleeps until Santa comes. However, this year it doesn’t quiet feel as if it’s Christmas time just yet (& according to a poll I did on Twitter, it seems most of you are feeling the same). Maybe it’s the unusually mild weather or the lack of snow but here are 10 ideas to help you get a little more into the Christmas spirit;

1. Admire Some Christmas Lights. Whether it be driving to that house or street that goes all out locally or checking out the lights while you do some last minute shopping, it’s always nice to see all the effort that’s been put in.
2. Make Yourself A Festive Playlist. Although Buble’s album is Christmas staple, it’s not to everyone’s taste & there’s only so many times you can hear him sing “It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas” before you go insane. So put on some Kylie, some Wham and any other songs that even if they’re not “traditional” make you feel festive!
3. Make A Gingerbread House. The smell of baking gingerbread just so Christmassy, it can’t help but make you feel a little more festive! Although, if like me you haven’t got time to bake before Christmas, you could always buy a kit, after all decorating is the fun bit right?!
4. Watch Christmas Movies. Festive films are an easy way to get you in the Christmas spirit. Put on a DVD / Netflix, grab a mince pie and watch with just the tree lights on. Although I personally prefer the more obvious choices such as Elf and The Grinch, if watching Die Hard is more your cup of tea, no judgement here!
5. Visit A Christmas Market. Wrap up and check out the festive offerings, even if it’s just to grab a mulled wine and listen to carols. If you’re in London, as mentioned here, you could check out Winter Wonderland or Winterville for a Christmas market with a twist.
6. Wrap Presents. I admit that I am notorious for just putting things in gift bags and being done with it, but putting on a Christmas album and wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree is a sure fire way to feel if not more like it’s Christmas at least make you feel more prepared.
7. Make Mulled Wine. Or if you’re not a big fan of wine (?!?!!) you could always make mulled cider which is equally as yummy. Plus, it’s super easy and the smell alone is just ♥
8. Grab A Christmas Coffee. Swap your normal latte for something that has eggnog / cinnamon / gingerbread in – instantly more festive!
9. Spread Some Goodwill. A lot of us are guilty of forgetting there are some people out there who are not going to have a home or anyone around at Christmas time. Donate some selection boxes and cupboard staples to your local food bank, buy the homeless person you pass a hot drink or even just donate some items or clothing to a local charity shop.
10. Visit Santa. You might be a little old for it, but if you’re got a younger sibling or relative, you can’t beat seeing the smile on their face when they get to meet Santa to see if they got their letter and tell him what they’d like left under the tree (if they’ve been good of course πŸ˜‰). After all, isn’t that excitement part of the magic of Christmas?

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