10 Things About Living In London That Stress Me Out || London

10 Things About Living In London That Stress Me Out || London

Today has been, safe to say, one of those days. My plan for an early start at the office turned into rocking up late due to signal failure. I ran out of data on my phone with 10 days to go until it refreshes. I had barely any sleep due to some, errm amorous foxes in my garden. And, I dread to look at my pending transactions after a little too much food and drink this weekend. On that note – to vent my current frustrations I thought I’d share 10 things about living in London that leave my hair falling out with stress.

  1. Let’s start with one that’s kinda mentioned above, nothing ruins your day faster than the magic words delays on the line. Especially finding out when you’re at the station and having to re-plan your journey. And to add insult to injury, the way that year on year whole lines are disrupted due to leaves. Seriously. They haven’t found a way round that yet?!
  2. I know everyone panics checking their bank statement after a night out but nothing says fear like loading up your online banking with hazy memories of paying £10 for a gin and tonic. Worse when you know you had a cocktail or two after. One thing worse than a hangover is the impending doom of living of instant noodles for the rest of the month…
  3. Talking of nights out, as much as London has one of the best transport systems in the world, the night buses are a law upon their own. I’ve been lucky the last few times, but in the past I’ve seen fights, arguments and strangest of all had a man apologising for his dog that happened to bark at anyone wearing a hat. I wish I was joking with that one. But I’m not.
  4. Friends living the other side of London and this meaning meeting up involves an hour and a half and two trains. Seriously, you can go up north in the same time. So you usually end up meeting in the middle, normally central for some of those pricy drinks I mentioned earlier…
  5. Sorry to keep going on about public transport. Not sorry. But public transport in rush hour is probably the seventh circle of hell. Why on earth am I paying to be in an over heated metal tube with someone’s elbow in my face. Seriously. Who does personal space cease to exist on the tube?
  6. My lack of coordination aside, one thing that puts me off learning to drive again it’s London traffic. If you’re not a driver and you see the four lane chaos that is the junction near Hanger Lane station then it’s enough to put you off. Never mind the back to back rush hour traffic in central…
  7. Okay this might just be because I’m Northern, but still. Travelling back to London on a Sunday being stupidly expensive. I mean, I get supply and demand. I really do but charging £50 for a standard class journey from Derby to London is a joke. I mean, worse so it’s only £22 cheaper to take the 5 hour coach journey. And I know what one I would rather do…
  8. Another one that might just be my Northern side showing. But, people being unnecessarily rude. I mean, I’m not exactly wanting to start conversations with random people on public transport. (In fact that sounds a little bit nightmare-ish to me..). But the fact you’ll sometimes get death stares for smiling at someone or almost get knocked down by someone who it’s clearly a matter of life and death they get through the ticket barrier 30 seconds before you. Well, it baffles me to be honest!
  9. Okay, so this is a silly one but it still freaks me out.. But I’ve never seen anything like it, the pigeons are literally fearless. Seriously, those little guys will come right at you and not move out the way. Plus, they’re tough as old boots. People say that only cockroaches would survive a nuclear attack, but I think the pigeons around London would like a word..
  10. And finally, after paying my rent, bills and factoring in a social life the sad realisation I’m probably going to need a lottery win to buy a house here. Now I’m talking Euromillions here, even the top jackpot on a £3 scratch card wouldn’t buy a place outright and that is just plain old depressing. Just don’t even start to get me started on that “Millennials can’t afford houses because of avocado on toast” thing. I think it’ll set me off on a whole new rant post!

10 Things About Living In London That Stress Me Out || London

Man that felt good to get off my chest!

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If you’re a Londoner or not, what stresses you out about your home town?

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*Post written in collaboration with Harley Street Hair Clinic – to be fair I was just happy to get all that off my chest!