10 Signs You’re A Little Too Excited For Christmas || Lifestyle

I hate to admit it but I am one of those people. You know, the kind of person who can tell you exactly how many sleeps until Santa comes and is tempted by wearing a Christmas jumper the moment Halloween is over? Here’s 10 signs, like myself, you’re a little too excited for Christmas..

  1. Christmas coffee cups make you smile way more than they should. Between Starbucks red cups and Costa’s ones featuring snowmen and penguins it’s hard not to feel festive right?! And don’t get started on all the yummy limited editions..
  2. You bought your Christmas jumper as soon as they came into stores. Or jumpers, lets be honest..
  3. If you’ve got a pet, you get them on the Christmas action too. Putting my pup in a Santa outfit was a tradition, and when she got too big for it she still got to wear tinsel while we decorated.
  4. You get far too excited by Christmas lights. Yeah that switch on might be by a Z list celebrity but it’s a sign it’s almost Christmas. Plus, it means late night shopping!
  5. You’ve watched at least one Christmas movie already this month. I’ve already seen Elf & National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, no regrets.
  6. You’ve already asked “Is it too early to put the tree up?!”. Because, I mean, decorations always make the place feel more festive and snug.
  7. You’ve had a Christmas countdown from the moment Halloween ended. Why they don’t have advent calendars for those 55 days is beyond me..
  8. The amount of times you’ve listened to Micheal Buble verges on shameful. Although there’s nothing shameful about a bit of Buble, and it’s perfect present wrapping music.
  9. Talking of presents, you’ve almost finished shopping. Or have a list planned out for exactly what you’re buying who come payday.
  10. You’re hoping for a white Christmas. Yes it will make getting home hard or near on impossible if you’re travelling, but SNOW!

Are you excited for Christmas already? Only 30 days to go! 

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