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When I saw an email in my inbox with the words “BathStore pop up champagne bar” and straight away I thought, champagne bar? Count me in. I mean anyone who knows me knows that I am essentially a magpie and a massive fan of everything sparkly and this includes wine. So I thought #BubblesBathBar was quite possibly the best invite I’d ever received and then it dawned on me this wasn’t just taking a rather luxurious bath but having said rather luxurious bath in front of other people. I mean, I openly admit that I’m hardly the most confident person and I had just agreed to be in swimwear in public. Eeeeeep. 

Photo Credit – LovedByLaura
So when the day came around, I was equally nervous and excited when I met Laura from LovedByLaura.com at Hoxton Station and headed towards Arch 406. At first we got a little lost but after following and playing in the bubbles, we headed inside. We were handed fluffy white towels, robes and slippers and ushered to the changing rooms to get changed into our swimwear & take some selfies.
We exited the changing rooms and were handed a glass of champagne while we waited for our bath to run. There were 8 baths, each surrounded by candles to give it a really luxurious and intimate feel, despite there being several people around. The “bath butlers” did an amazing job in making us all feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, my initial nerves were starting to melt away and I got excited to get in and enjoy the experience. We could pick between plain bubbles or having a bathbomb, I went for the later and it was one of my favourites Lush’s Big Blue.
 Joining me in the bath was this BathStore duck, he’s so cute and I just couldn’t resist a selfie with him!
Despite my initial worries, my half an hour slot of quaffing champagne and canapes in the bath flew by. Rather than panicking about how I looked or what people thought of how I looked, my main concern was trying to get photos while not dropping my phone or camera in to my rather lovely and rather deep bath. Although, just when I thought my evening couldn’t have gotten any better, in walked some of the Saracens rugby team to take a bath themselves. Swoon!
While one of them was getting out of the bath Laura and myself pounced took our chance to ask for a selfie, because a bloggers work is never done right?!
You might be wondering why he’s in his boxers, well there’s a funny story behind that. While chatting to another guest it turns out that when they’d been told by their manager that they needed to bring their trunks they thought he was joking.. Oopsy!
Thanks again to BathStore for such an amazing night and Branded3 for inviting me!
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  1. October 29, 2015 / 12:47 am

    Omg, that looks so good. Was this a one day event or is it for the general public?