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Now, call me a bad blogger all you’d like but if there’s one part of my everyday routine I’m a little lazy with, it’s removing my makeup. As much as I try and make sure I go to bed with a clean face I do find myself falling back on using face wipes out of laziness. Yes I know they’re not great for your skin. Yes, I know they leave residue but after staying up late watching Netflix I don’t care as much as I should. I’ve tried a lot of different methods to counteract this and I do love my Magic Micellar Water it does take so much longer than reaching for face wipes.

With this in mind, when I spotted this on the line up for Love Me Beauty I ended up adding it to my box in hope of an easy way to remove my makeup without wipes (also so I didn’t spend all my points on lipstick.. Again). I’d like to say I was drawn to its organic credentials, 91.6% of the products’ ingredients are certified organic or the fact it doesn’t test on animals, but this was a happy bonus when it arrived and I had a chance to read the packaging. This, I hate to admit, happens a lot with products I discover through beauty boxes.

So the main question is, how does it actually perform, well personally I find it a breeze to use. You simply put a small amount on your fingers, rub into your skin and then wash off with warm water. Because I can’t get my bandage wet on one hand, I use a flannel to remove but the packaging suggests you can simply splash it off. It left my skin feeling considerable less dry than it has been while using face wipes, as well as squeaky clean and panda eye free. Something my pillowcases are thankful for. And, touch wood, I’ve not had any pesky pimples turn up in the week I’ve been using it… Plus it smells like Turkish Delight, what more could you want?!

I love discovering new brands and products I wouldn’t have actively sought out myself which is one of the main reasons I enjoy subscription boxes, apart from the obvious one of having a box of goodies delivered.

The product I have is 30ml, so a sample size, however, the full sized 50ml is available from Green People for £11.95.

Have you tried anything from Green People before? If not, what has been your favourite beauty box discoveries?

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